Welcome to the wonderful world of William Shakespeare, where we’ll take an adventure into one of his most delightful comedies, As You Like It. Fear not, dear reader, for we are about to delve into this classic play in plain English, making it easily digestible for all!

Often celebrated for its humor, love, and bold characters, As You Like It has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many since its first performance in 1599. Let’s take a closer look at the play’s themes, memorable quotes, and some interesting tidbits that might just leave you wanting more.

Welcome to the Forest of Arden


The Forest of Arden serves as the primary setting for As You Like It and it’s where the magic truly unfolds. As the characters escape the constraints of court life, they find refuge in the enchanting forest. By doing so, they not only question the validity of societal norms but also engage in self-discovery and reinvention.

Rosalind, our protagonist, and her cousin Celia flee their oppressive court lives disguised as Ganymede and Aliena. This clever disguise allows Rosalind to explore love and courtship from a different perspective, teaching her about the world and herself in the process.

A Celebration of Love

Love is at the core of As You Like It, and it’s portrayed in its many forms. We see romantic love between Orlando and Rosalind, familial love between siblings, and even the bond of friendship that is so strong it could be mistaken for love.

As the characters navigate their feelings, the audience is treated to a display of Shakespeare’s poetic prowess. For example, who can forget Orlando’s terrible love poems strewn throughout the forest or Rosalind’s love advice while pretending to be Ganymede? Shakespeare’s playfulness with love keeps us thoroughly entertained and engaged.

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The Power of Language

Throughout the play, Shakespeare’s command of language is on full display as he explores the power of words and their impact on others. As a playwright, he shows how language can be both a tool and a weapon.

The witty character of Rosalind uses her keen understanding of language to guide others, control situations, and ultimately win the heart of Orlando. Touchstone, the clever and insightful court fool, uses his wit to expose the hypocrisy of court life and the flawed nature of humanity.

Furthermore, the numerous puns, wordplay, and satirical comments throughout the play not only make it an enjoyable read but also emphasize the crucial role language plays in our lives.

Memorable Quotes

Shakespeare’s plays are often remembered for their stunning, poetic language and As You Like It is no exception. Here are a few memorable quotes that continue to resonate with modern audiences:

  1. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” - Jaques (Act II, Scene VII)
  2. “The more pity, that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly.” - Touchstone (Act I, Scene II)
  3. “Love is merely a madness.” - Rosalind (Act III, Scene II)

These profound and evergreen statements remind us of Shakespeare’s unrivaled ability to craft lines that make us pause, consider, and, ultimately, appreciate our shared human experience.

Fun Facts About As You Like It

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with As You Like It, here are a few fun tidbits about the play to further ignite your curiosity:

  • Shakespeare borrowed parts of the plot from a novel called Rosalynde by Thomas Lodge.
  • Rosalind has more lines than any other female character in Shakespeare’s plays; she ranks 5th overall.
  • Famous composers such as Felix Mendelssohn and Benjamin Britten have created music inspired by the play.

Embrace the Magic of the Forest

In As You Like It, the Forest of Arden is a place where characters discover themselves, find love, and ponder the world in which they live. This magical, transformative journey is not limited to the characters themselves – it’s an invitation for the audience to embark on their own self-discovery.

So, as you read or watch As You Like It in plain English, allow yourself to be immersed in its enchanting charm and remember that, like the characters who come to life within its pages, we are all merely players on this great stage called life.

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